La laine mérino pourquoi on l'aime autant !

Merino wool why we love it so much!

For several years now, we have been striving to offer you clothes that are durable, of high quality, easy to maintain, and timeless. When it comes time to create the collection of knitwear and accessories, we look for the best yarns that match these criteria.
You may have noticed that year after year merino wool is present in our creations.
You will understand today why we love it so much.
Merino wool is becoming more and more popular and we understand why! Coveted in both ready-to-wear and sports fashion, this natural fiber is so versatile. It will keep you warm in the coldest weather, and keep you cool when the temperature is higher. It wicks moisture away from the body very well and neutralizes odours. In addition, clothes made of merino wool hold their shape very well and do not wrinkle.
We told you that this fiber is incredible!
Merino sheep are one of the oldest sheep breeds. It is the one among all species that produces the most wool per year. It is a natural and renewable fiber.
merino sheep
Merino wool is everyone's favorite because it is finer than other types of wool, it is finer than a human hair. It is therefore much lighter and softer. Clothes made of this fiber dry much faster and insulate better.
Wool density
Easy to care for, clothes knitted with this wool can be machine washed easily. Just like other knit garments, we advise you to wash them on delicate cycle in lukewarm water in a mesh bag. (For more on caring for knitwear check out our 101 guide here
Certainly, some merino garments are quite expensive, but it is a guarantee of quality. You find this wool in all the Maillagogo knits in the current collection.
This year, we are offering some models made of 100% merino wool. They are already all the rage in stores! You will also find a set of unisex winter accessories knitted from the same fiber.
Attention! Despite all these benefits, merino wool is the favorite meal of moths! We advise you to wash them carefully with a soap with scents that repel these voracious little insects. Once the winter is over, take care to store them well in the shelter so that you can find them intact when the cold season returns.
Psssst! Faveur Bio's delicate laundry soap is perfect for the maintenance of knitwear. The soap contains essential oils that repel moths.
There you go, now you know everything about this wonderful fiber.
Discover our knitting collection made from merino wool.

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