Programme Seconde vie chez Maillagogo

Second life program at Maillagogo

We all know that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting. This is why Maillagogo is committed to making its collections and all related activities greener . We want to improve in order to reduce our ecological footprint. We often repeat that it is better to opt for quality over quantity. Here's how we'd like to make a difference, one garment at a time .

In the process of creating our collections, the choice of raw materials is very important so that the garment lasts over time. We want it to be easy to care for while still looking great after multiple washes. We take care to make several samples in order to find the ideal confection for each piece in order to obtain a result that is both beautiful and resistant. All of these details are taken into consideration when developing our garments.

We have set up an in-store program to give Maillagogo clothing a second life . The Second Life program consists of taking back your Maillagogo clothes from previous collections which are unfortunately no longer your size, or no longer to your liking, and making them available to our community at a low cost in order to extend their life by avoiding they end up in the trash...
Maillagogo clothes are designed to last over time, so why not share them with everyone?

How it works?
You bring back your Maillagogo clothes , they will then be examined and a store credit will be given to them. The value of the credit may vary depending on the type of garment, the condition of the garment, and the age of the garment. After verification, repair, and washing, they will be put in store in our Second life section.
It 's super simple! In addition to extending the life of a garment, it allows others to obtain locally designed pieces at low cost.

After your spring cleaning, don't hesitate to drop off your Maillagogo pieces . They will certainly make happy news!

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