The benefits of natural fibers

This season, we put forward the natural fibers. We believe it is important to do our part for a greener future in the world of fashion. We chose them because many of them have a low ecological footprint, they require little water and pesticides during their manufacture, such as flax and hemp.
As comfort is always at the heart of our creative process, we chose fabrics with a distinctive feel. Natural fibers all have the property of being a thermal regulator, which allows great comfort in hot weather.
Among the materials chosen for the collection, we discovered a new material that is rapidly taking its place in the world of fashion: hemp. A favorite for the whole team!
hemp fibers
Very similar to linen, hemp is very resistant, perfect for clothes that will follow you for several years. Its textured touch is a happy blend of cotton and linen. After washing, the fabric softens. You will find it in several garments this season, combined with organic cotton.
GIFU embroidered top Maillagogo GIFU Top
We adopted it last season, it's back again for spring: Tencel.

We love its silky touch and its fluidity. Tencel is a trademark of lyocell. This is a cellulosic fiber produced from hardwood pulp such as eucalyptus or bamboo. Sensitive skin will love it!
Good to know, Tencel is completely biodegradable.
A must have in an eco-responsible wardrobe!

Find this fiber in the following garments:

KOBE Shirt-Dress - KYOTO Pants - TOKYO Dress

A must-have in summer collections, Linen is back once again this year.

flax fiber

It is one of the oldest fibers in history. Very resistant, linen clothes age very well, they do not deform and do not fluff. Very good thermal insulator, linen quickly regulates body temperature.
The harvesting and processing of flax is very respectful for the environment. You won't regret having it in your wardrobe during heat waves.

You will find linen fabrics in several garments from the summer collection.

MATSUYAMA Jumpsuit OKAYAMA Camisole / OITA Shorts
The cotton

Probably the best known, once a luxury item, cotton has been one of the most used in the fashion industry for several decades. Cotton is a practical, soft, comfortable and easy-care textile fiber. Very resistant, cotton clothes are designed to age well over time. Like the famous "jeans", once made entirely of cotton, they were the workers' garment par excellence. Unfortunately, cotton growing uses a lot of pesticides, we advise you to turn to organic cotton.
High absorbency, hypoallergenic and thermal insulation, cotton fiber is very versatile.


All these natural fibers are easy to maintain. Simply wash in cold water on gentle cycle, hang out or hang to dry.

You will see the difference in comfort compared to synthetic fibres. You now know a little more about natural fibers to make eco-responsible choices for your wardrobe.

All together towards a greener future!

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