Little Guide 101 for the maintenance of knitted garments.

The knitting season has finally arrived... Hooray! Today we answer all questions regarding the care of knitted garments, in order to maintain their beauty for as long as possible.
  • Water temperature
First, the temperature of the water is essential. Warm water is ideal for knit garments. Why not wash in cold water? Cold water during the Quebec winter is freezing in the pipes, the knitting will tend to felt, as with hot water. It will lose its extensibility, its flexibility and it will shrink.
  • Overwash knitwear
Avoid washing knitwear too frequently. It is not necessary to wash them after each use. One of the properties of merino wool is that it breathes and neutralizes odours. You will find this yarn in all the Maillagogo knits in this collection.
  • By hand or by machine?
We've tested it time and time again, Maillagogo knitwear washes easily in the washing machine on the gentle cycle. Of course, only if your machine offers warm water washing. Put it in a small mesh bag or a pillowcase to prevent a stitch from getting caught in another garment and damaging the knit. Each Maillagogo knit is washed before being put on the floor. Adding fabric softener can restore shine to the fibre.
Are you still afraid to put them in the washing machine? You can use a mild soap and wash it by hand always with lukewarm water. We offer delicate laundry soaps from the Quebec company Faveurs Bio. All natural & organic soaps, they offer three fragrances selected for the optimal maintenance of knitted garments; Eucalyptus & Lemongrass, True Lavender, and Fragrance Free. These are scents that repel moths and other small insects that would like to nibble on your knitting.
Soap for delicate laundry Faveur Savons Bio. $6.50 - $17
Finally, we advise you not to put them in the dryer. Dry it flat on a clothes airer. Do not dry them on a clothes hanger, especially if the knit of your garment is loose, with weight and gravity the knit will tend to stretch.
And that's it, it's nothing very rocket science. If you follow these steps, your knits will retain their beauty for many years. Do not hesitate to write to us if you have any other questions on the maintenance of knitwear, we will be happy to answer them.
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