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Already autumn!?
The season of layering, blanket-wrapped afternoons, and chai lattes is finally here. Here are the trends observed for the new season.
We are very happy to see warm and lively colors. We love black, but we love livening up our outfits with vibrant colors, especially in this darker season. Let yourself go with the richness of plum color and forest green. Dare ocher and yellow!
KEFLAVIK knit sweater
RIFF shirt dress
You will be happy to see more and more natural fibers among our collections in store, we love their comfort, the breathability they offer and their softness. In addition, the production of these fibers is better for the environment.
Our favorite material of the season is Tencel. Fiber produced from hardwood, eucalyptus or bamboo pulp. It is fluid and silky.
Once again this year, merino wool is predominant in our knitwear. It doesn't sting, it's warm and it's machine washable, what more could you ask for!
To discover our selection of natural fiber clothing, click here.
The pattern to watch this fall: tartan. You will find it in the form of a skirt, dress, pants, and even a jacket. Combine it with a plain garment, so as not to steal the show. It's a classic pattern that comes back year after year.

SURE SHOT bomber jacket - EVE LAVOIE


To adopt tartan in your wardrobe, it's here.
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